Almost your wedding day and don’t have a gorgeous décor style in place?

Gone are the days when only the best man could decorate the wedding car. These days, the bride and the groom have a hand in the décor. You would bet that the results when other people beautify it won’t be as impressing as you may want. The best part in all this is that there is a big pool of designs that a couple can use, and what’s more, most are very cheap yet jaw dropping.

Window markers, liquid chalk, and glass markers are quite for the vehicle. There are many more substances, such as your shoe polish. However, the dark side of it is that it might melt quickly or be hard to remove once it sticks. Therefore, one need to scrap it off immediately the function is over. If you need something messy for your wedding, then shaving cream can be the best option. When using wordings as your preferred décor, make sure the words are broad enough to be seen by everyone from far. Also, it is advisable to use dark on bright windows and white paint on dark car windows.

Sometimes you might not need too much decoration. All you need is to modify your car number plates. If you need a permanent memento of your wedding day, which everyone yearns for, you can use this method as these days you can get in the markets and online stores, the custom made ones, with the couple’s names engraved on them. Go on and attach them to the front or rear window, and have fun.

Another fun but a cheap way to have a real time is to use balloons on your vehicle. You will have a variety of choice of style to us. Some prefer using a particular color of balloons on the entire car. Others use heart-shaped balloons while some even prefer to stuff them in the vehicle, just to see how the couple will get past them. Isn’t fun it? Pompoms of the couple’s color are also preferred by many couples these days. Just like the balloon, chalk sprays, and shoe polish, they are readily available and cheap when used.

If you are looking for the coolest yet economical ways to decorate your wedding car, why not try the above options?

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