So Many Choices, So Little Time

The abundance of lists, the quantity of cost, the quality of goods and there is no wonder that people label so many brides as a ‘bridezilla’. The seating arrangements are complicated enough without having the added worry of how to decorate it.

Be certain of your theme. If you are going for a clean , crisp look, you could even forgo having a center piece, entirely, and stick to a pristine table cloth and a beautifully lit candle. If flowers are the central focus, you do not have to come out of pocket for flowers and arrangments for each table. Ask your wedding party to make a party out of it. Turn it into a group project.

Roundtables, rectangle tables, children, and adults, and now even the size and shape becomes an overwhelming decision. Think about how many people will be coming and how well they know one another. The theme could also play a factor when deciding on tables and chairs. Family-style or elegant, casual or semi-casual could cinch up that plan, quickly. Be sure to make room for everyone, regardless of seating style. Give people room to eat, visit, and talk from chair to chair while still making an open space.

Napkins, plasticware, silverware, plates and back to square one. But you can choose a simple take with a real square napkin with necessary silverware. The plates could match the color scheme or theme or could be simple and set out in a casual style. The choices are in the millions, and the mix and matching can get mind dizzying, but it does not have to. Be sure of what you want and never, ever, overthink!

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