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Throw Out Traditions and Opt For A Funny Wedding Cakes

Weddings have broken away from the traditional stair-stepped cakes with the formal attire, and many are opting for funny wedding cakes to amuse their guests. Forget the brides and grooms flowing down a set of stairs with a fountain in-between, the modern couple wants their cake to make a different type of statement. Most people know of the classic topper that has the bride pulling the groom. It usually gets a smile or two at any festivity. However, what about breaking loose from traditional and going with something over the top?

Out With The Old and In With The New

Funny wedding cakes are the new rage. Because today’s events are not as formal and stiff as they once were, people feel free to let their hair down and have fun. After months or years, of planning and working, the reception is time for the happy couple to let go and just enjoy their union. From ceremonious events like smashing the cake in each other’s face to tossing the bouquet, the reception is meant to be fun and games.

From the topsy-turvy cake to the one that depicts a scene from a relationship, there are so many ways to make funny wedding cakes. The first wedding cakes took place in Medieval England. The couples would stack sticky buns on top of each other forming a huge tower. A cake is supposed to bring good luck to both the guests and the couple. It is obvious to see that these famous cakes have evolved down through history. Today, cakes are just not the same as they were even twenty years ago. Old school cakes are out, and funny wedding cakes are the rage.

Laughter Is Good Medicine

The cakes of today are also not nearly as large as they once were. Many couples have opted to serve cupcakes or have a groom cake too. With all this cake, there is no need for a seven tear monster. Rather, a cute cake with a humorous statement is much more fun for everyone. The old saying “laughter is like good medicine” definitely applies here. Weddings can be stressful, and there is always so much that needs to be done. Many couples are so exhausted that when they make it to the reception they need that comedic boost to keep them going. Want to have a wedding that is the talk of the town? Throw out traditionalism and make new customs that include a healthy dose of humor.

Funny Wedding Cakes – The Sky Is The Limit

Since no two people’s view on what is humorous is the same, making a funny cake is the time to showcase the comical side. For some it may be a zombie apocalypse cake with a couple of zombies as the topper. For others it may be a bride with a fishing pole reeling in her spouse. There is no limit when it comes to making something as memorable and as funny as one of these cakes. Stop thinking you need a traditional cake because it will offend this one or it throws away custom, go out with a bang with an amazing cake that is sure to impress. Make guests laugh and give them something to remember long after the ceremony is done.

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